Your donations and commitment to the Newman Center truly make a difference in the lives of students each day, and for long after. This is a letter from a current student, sharing his gratitude at the blessing of Newman in his life on campus.


Dear Newman Alumn,

My name is Maguire Radosevic. I am a sophomore from Kansas City, MO, and I study mathematics and economics at Truman State. I wish here to express to you my most sincere appreciation for your support of the Catholic Newman Center. Because of your help, my college experience has been more fulfilling, educational, and enjoyable than I ever could have predicted. I cannot imagine my one-and-a-half years at Truman without Newman.

Before I came to Truman, I had gone to Catholic school for my entire life—two years of preschool, nine years of grade school, and four years of high school. That amounts to fifteen years of Catholic education. When I made the decision to come to Truman, I was afraid that I would lose the ability to connect with a community of peers who share my Catholic Faith. For once in my life, my religion would make me a minority, I thought.

I am relieved that I experienced the exact opposite of my preconceived notions of living my faith in college when I found the Catholic Newman Center early in my first semester of school. I found what I was looking for and more. Here, not only did I find a place to go to Mass on Sunday. Not only did I find a group of students who also identify as Catholic. I discovered a set of amazing people who are truly excited about their faith and prepared to share it with others. The friends I have made at Newman have helped me form some of the best relationships I have had in my life because of their basis in Christ. Through my Newman friends, I experience God’s friendship.

The friendships I have made at Newman have also created a culture of accountability of which I am particularly fond. My friends at Newman challenge me to live out my faith more strongly every day, not just around the Newman Center, but also in the often-secular environment of the campus across the street. My peers encourage me, by example, to be a steward of Christ always and pray often. Sometimes, living up to this call of being a leader at Newman is difficult. However, the reward—knowing that my friends will also be there living for Christ in prayer, work, and deed—makes it worth it each and every day. I feel as if I become so much better of a person when I am surrounded by my Newman friends. It is my hope to lead ever larger communities into this way of life because I know it has done so much for me.

Without your support, this great community of which I am extremely privileged to be a part would not be the thriving beacon of goodness that it has been for me and for so many other students. I thank you for your stewardship, and I hope and pray that you continue to facilitate this community in the years to come.

In Christ,

Maguire Radosevic

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