Relationship, Discipleship, Stewardship, Leadership

Our mission, and our work here at Newman, is to support students to grow in faith, grow as persons, and grow as leaders in the Church. We desire to make the love of Christ, the message of the Gospel of Life, and the call to discipleship present and available to all students at Truman State University.

Upcoming Events

From social to spiritual to service, we’ve got events, ministries and programs�

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Ways to Give

Give to the center that invests in the spiritual growth of Catholics on Truman’

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Explore campus ministries

We offer a wide variety of ways to grow in your Catholic faith at the Newman Center. We want to encourage you to explore the programs and ministries we have to offer you, and hope you'll visit us soon!



Mass Times As Catholics we believe the Eucharist, and by extension the…

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Service Trips

Service to others: a pillar of our Catholic Mission Service trips are…

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Intramural Sports

Play your favorite sport with friendly teammates on an intramural tea…

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Bible Studies

Bible studies invite our community to share their faith in small-group…

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Kirksville Newman Alumni Association

Kirksville Newman Alumni

(Re)Connect with your Newman Community What did Newman mean to you? Me…

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Reflections from Newman

Students, staff and visitors share reflections on everything from Catholic Campus ministry to student life at Truman State University.

Alumni Spotlight: Curt Stokes, Class of 2002

Name: Curt Stokes Graduation degree and year: B.S. (Psychology, Minor Statistical Methodology), 2002 Current location: J

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Alumni Spotlight: Phill Wamser, Class of 2013

Name: Phill Wamser Graduation degree and year: Psych 2013 Current location: St. Louis County Hometown: St. Louis City Fa

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The Wit and Wisdom of Fr. Bill Kottenstette

Remembering Fr. Bill A few weeks ago, we sent out a post on instagram and facebook asking people to share their favorite

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The Start of a New Year

It’s that time of year again, students are starting to return to campus, the Newman Center will be buzzing with pe

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What Students Say About Us

“I’m thankful for the ability to meet people at Newman who share my Catholic beliefs and morals…I couldn’t do it alone …I doubt if I would have made it through college sane without Newman, because of all of the personal and spiritual support I’ve received there.  …Without Newman, I would be by myself wading through college life, but Newman provides a focus point for my spiritual life.”

What Students Say About Us

“I came to Truman not knowing if I wanted to be Catholic. The more time I spent at Newman and saw the lives that the people there led, I knew I wanted to dive into my Catholic faith. Through learning about Theology of the Body, going to a Bible study, and attending a fellowship group, I deepened my relationship with God and made new friends. As a sophomore now, I feel compelled to give back to and improve upon the community that gave so much to me last year.”

What Students Say About Us

“I hope people get involved at Newman so they can experience this college faith community in a very real way. I hope they can feel God’s love through others and through experiences that help shape their college life.  I hope that the Newman Center helps to provide the knowledge and courage necessary to bring Jesus Christ and his Kingdom to the Truman community …and in order to be prepared to carry God’s love to others after graduation.”