The Newman Council

The Newman Council is our student-run planning board composed of committees that are responsible for the spiritual activities, social events and service opportunities at our center. These students provide leadership and facilitate programs that enrich the Catholic experience at Truman State University.

If you are interested in planning and directing programs at Newman, learn more about our committees and consider joining the Newman Council.


Executive Committee

The “Exec” team coordinates the Newman Council’s overall program operations. Executive positions include: President, Internal Vice President, External Vice President, Publicity Chair, and Executive Officer.

President: Sara Figura

VP of Internal Affairs: Max Melching

VP of External Affairs: Colleen McNamara

Publicity Chair: Lauren Reid

Executive Officer/Outreach: Grace McKinnis


Ministry Committees

The Ministries host committee meetings, retreats, fun events, and various social opportunities for the Newman community.

Men’s Ministry: Austin Newton and Joey Weinbauer (Chairs)

Women’s Ministry: Ashton Stuber and Serena Rizzi (Chairs)


Intramurals Committee

Newman’s Intramurals Committee coordinates and promotes Newman’s participation in Intramural events, stimulating Newman spirit and sportsmanship as we compete against other organizations.

Committee Chair: Evan Holway


Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee is responsible for coordinating Masses, recruiting Mass volunteers (Greeters, Lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers), and decorating the altar.

Committee Chair: Audrey Summers


Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee publicizes Newman events. Newman’s publicity usually takes the form of Mass announcements, this website, social media, and campus publicity.

Committee Chair: Lauren Reid

Service Committee

The Service Committee engages in community outreach, specifically by hosting service days and helping the community in various ways.

Committee Chairs: Amber Berhorst and Malory Kloeppel


Social Committee

The Social Committee plans and runs social activities such as BBQs, dances, coffeehouses, and movie nights. The social committee coordinates Newman’s participation in Homecoming, Family Day, and Finals Week. This committee provides exciting opportunities for involvement with the campus and getting Newman’s face around the University.

Committee Chairs: Grace Taylor and John Dames


ACTS Committee

The Apologetics, Catechesis. Theology, and Spirituality (ACTS) Committee provides a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth to members of the Newman community consisting of talks on theology and catechesis and more!

Committee Chairs: Ella Winkelman and Jack Scott

FOCUS Bible Study Committee Chairs: Elizabeth Hemmer, John Eritreo, and Micaela Reiss