July is the month where the Catholic Church meditates on the Precious Blood of Jesus. The blood of Christ is a powerful reality in our faith, and one that plays a daily role. When Jesus gave his life for all sinners, he poured out his blood and gave it to us as a gift, imploring us to recall the weight of that sacrifice again and again at Mass.

A few weeks ago, I saw a video of what happens to human blood when it comes in contact with snake venom. The blood congeals, and the sudden stillness of this life-giving liquid is nothing short of haunting. The image stuck with me, and I began to see parallels between this scientific phenomenon and our spiritual lives.

On the cross, Christ let his blood flow freely for our forgiveness and redemption. Our salvation lives because of that blood. And when we give into the temptation to sin–the voice of the devil who was cast into serpent form by the Lord–we stifle the power of Christ within us. What’s the antidote for the poison of sin? Confession, communion with our fellow Christians, and remembering that even when we fall, so does the blood of Christ. And no amount of sin will ever stop that blood.

Prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus

O precious Blood of Jesus, infinite price paid for the redemption of sinful mankind. O Divine Blood, drink and laver of our souls, standing between us and the Father pleading mercy.

With all my heart I adore You, sweet Lord, and offer reparation for the insults, outrages and ingratitude, which You continuously receive from human beings, especially those who dare blaspheme the Divine Blood You shed for us.

Bless this Blood of Infinite value. Bless the fire of Jesus’ Love who shed it to the last drop for us. Where would I be if not for this Divine Blood that redeemed me? Indeed, Lord, I have drawn if from You to the last drop. What love! Thank You for this saving balm!

May every heart, every tongue, now and forever, praise and thank this priceless balm, this saving Blood, this fountain of crimson Mercy welling up from the fountain of infinite Love.


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