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I wish people could see these students.  I wish they could see the hundreds of students who walk over to Newman for Sunday mass.  I wish they could see the dozens of students on any night of the week gathered here like they are at home, doing homework, watching TV and talking, and heating something up to eat.  I wish they could see the bible study groups and fellowship groups, or what it is like to walk past the chapel and see students in a moment of prayer.  I wish they could see the friendships.  I wish they could see the FAITH.  And what amazes me too, is the Leadership.

I feel so good about working for the Church to provide a place of community and faith for these students.  And I feel so in awe of the dedication and leadership of these students as they meet week after week to prepare opportunities for college students to grow in faith, to grow as persons, and to serve others.

Some students who come through our doors are looking for a place to find God in their life, to find good friends to support them, to find what they are meant to do in life.  Some students hope to find ways to serve others.  Some students don’t know what they are looking for.  Whatever the student, I hope they will find a community open to them, to give them a place, to find their place.

Our mission and our work here at Newman is to support college students to grow in faith, grow as persons, and grow as leaders in the Church.  We provide many opportunities for making friends and forming community; for mass, reconciliation, and prayer; for learning more about our faith and moral teachings; and for service and ministry in the Church.  We want to help young adults find support, at whatever stage of faith or life they are at, as a Catholic faith community.  We want this place to be a home away from home.

Far from home, we at Newman represent the care of the Church, to let these students know that we are here for them, and that God is here for them, until the day comes when these students respond to the call to want to be there for the Church and for the world, as witnesses of Christ and ambassadors of the Gospel.

God has a dream – to build a Church.  Patiently and with great care and love, he walks with these college students, and when the time is right, he makes his presence known to them, and calls their name.  When a student has an openness of heart, God can fill it.  We here at Newman want to create a place for that to happen.  And as we have been able to provide a space for a community of faith to gather, God has filled it.


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Chris Korte

“All I have ever wanted, in all my life, was to help young people connect with God, and connect with friends, and to find their calling in life to share their gift.  I do this because adults in my parish and diocese, and good friends from my church, saved my life.  I do this, because as a young person, when I was lost, God found me, and picked me up.  I do this, because I made a promise, to give my life to Him, and pass it on.” Chris has studied Theology, Philosphy and Psychology and has coordinated youth ministry for over 10 years. He has helped facilitate RCIA for over 15 years, and has served as the Executive Director of The Catholic Newman Center for the past 8.

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