When was your first Newman year?

Fall 1998

What is your earliest memory of Newman?

My first memory of Newman was during Freshman Week. I think it was Wednesday morning, I had a break from class and was a little homesick. I decided to wander across Davis from Missouri Hall to see where I would be going to Mass on Sunday. Little did I know I was about to get sucked into the Newman experience. I walked in and a crazy lady (at least to me at the time—sorry, Betty) ran out and handed me a Newman cup and started touring me around the building. By the time she was done, I had agreed to come back that night for Mass, and the rest is history.

Ben Story, Kirksville Newman AlumniSum up your Newman experience in three words.

Fun, Friends, Faith

Where are you now?

I am living in Springfield (technically Jerome), Illinois with my wife Emily and our four rescue dogs (Max, Penny, Wrigley and Hawkeye). I work for Hospital Sisters Health System as a Network Engineer for their Illinois Hospitals and clinics. In my free time, I volunteer as Music Director and liturgist for a small church in Springfield.

How has Newman impacted you for the long term?

Newman gave me the experience and training to do what I do in my church now. It also gave me life-long friends spread all over the nation.


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