Theological Study Groups

The Catholic Newman Center facilitates study groups that explore Catholic doctrine and its intimate connection to our day-to-day spirituality. These groups are facilitated by Newman community members (students and other spiritual leaders in the Kirksville community) and address dynamic topics in the church that are relevant and applicable to college students. Below, you can explore previous study groups, and look forward to new groups and registration pages for those this Fall!

Sunday Readings Come Alive

Dig deeper into the readings for the following Sunday using sound Catholic exegetical techniques and theological reflection. The content is not cumulative, so you can attend any one or all the meetings. It would be a great way for lectors and other liturgical ministers to prepare for their roles! Meetings will be Thursdays at 9 pm (after Adoration) Leader: Don Crosby

Theology of the Body

In this small group, we will learn an overview of what Theology of the Body really is and why God created us male and female through the teachings of St. John Paul the Great. We will learn about chastity and the vocation of marriage and why God has deemed sex within marriage as sacred. Leader: Jackie Jacezko

Spiritual Welfare

Learn to combat the wickedness and snares of the Devil. Learn from the Word of God, the examples of the saints and contemporary writers on how to engage in battle with the Devil and his vanities. Put on the spiritual armor of God, so that you may stand firm on the day of evil. Meetings will be Wednesdays at 7 pm. Leader: Luke Matthews

Discipleship: The Letters of St. Paul

St. Paul is best-known for his conversion story, his vast missionary journeys, and bringing Christ to the gentiles. Covering a distance of over 15,000 miles and writing over half the New Testament, he is arguably the most prolific of all the Disciples. In this small group, we will be exploring the different ways St. Paul approaches discipleship by studying his letters. Meetings will be Fridays at 4 pm on the second floor of Violette Hall. Leader: Andrew Schaper

Catechism Study

Study the Catechism and the Church’s teachings to grow in faith and understanding of Catholic doctrine. While this is the third part of the study, anyone is welcome to join. Leader: Christ Korte

Apologetics eBook:

In 2013, Newmanite Elizabeth Hoffman, along with several other Newman students, young adults and spiritual mentors, created a comprehensive apologetics training that took place on Truman State University’s campus. We’ve compiled their content into a free eBook for you to use!