Retreat from the daily grind to find Christ at the center of your life.

Spiritual retreats create space for us to invite (or re-invite) Christ to be the center of our lives. Taking time away from school, work, social media or your cell phone can be a welcome “calm” in the storm of responsibilities that sometimes pull our focus away from the Lord. Attending a spiritual retreat can help you refocus, recharge an refresh your priorities. Consider signing up for one this semester!

Busy Persons’ Retreat

Busy Person’s retreats are for…busy people! Section off about an hour a day – 1/2 to meet with a spiritual director, 1/2 for personal prayer and reflection, and get together at the end for a delicious supper and some fellowship with other retreatants. Each Busy Person’s retreat invites 6-10 trained spiritual directors to Kirksville to meet with retreatants and set personal spiritual goals together, in the midst of busy life! So, you don’t have to take two days out of town, you can pencil in some spiritual growth on your own time.

Busy Persons’ Retreat is October 8-12, 2017.

New Student Retreat

New Student Retreat is a great way to meet other students who are brand-new to Truman’s campus. This opportunity to bond, prepare for your first year here spiritually, and learn from other students is a great way to kick-off your first year of college.

The New Student Retreat is September 22-23, 2017.

Council Retreat

Council retreat is provided for the Newman Council as a way to plan, prepare and grow connected to the other members of council and your committee. This retreat is offered in the fall, and is limited to council members. It takes place in Edina, MO and is a wonderful bonding experience, tying all of our work back to God’s will for the center. If you’re not on the council – consider joining!

The Council Retreat is August 26, 2017.

Mens & Women’s Retreats

Mens & Women’s retreats are hosted by the men & women’s fellowship groups. These retreats provide opportunities to get-to-know ladies & gents while growing in your understanding of what it means to be a man or woman of Christ. The men usually camp-out, the women usually retreat in town, both are a great opportunity to forge deep friendships and learn more about your identity in Christ.

The Men’s Retreat is September 8, 2017.

The Women’s Retreat is November 3-4, 2017.

Awakenings Retreat

Awakenings is an annual retreat that invites students to awaken (or re-awaken) to Christ’s deep love for them individually. This retreat is a two-day trip to Edina, MO where you’ll hear powerful talks, share life with a small group, enjoy delicious meals and fun activities with peers. Whether you’ve never been to a retreat before, or you’ve been to several, we suggest you attend an Awakenings Retreat while you’re here at Truman, because we’ve seen the life-changing growth that happens when attendees open their hearts to God’s love.

The date for the Awakenings Retreat is TBD.