Our (Brief) History as a Catholic Newman Center

March 28

1955: Newman Club is founded.

The Newman Club at Kirksville State Teacher’s College met in various locations on campus and Mary Immaculate Church.  The local priest served as Chaplain to the Newman Club.
February 28

1893: “Newman Clubs” are established in the Church.

Catholic lay leaders take the initiative to establish “Newman Clubs” for Catholic college students, named after John Henry Cardinal Newman, to offer support, community, and instruction in our Catholic religious heritage.
January 28

1883: Catholics immerse in public universities.

Waves of Catholic immigrants come to America, especially from Ireland, Germany, and Italy.   After the first generation of immigrants become settled, a growing number of Catholics start to attend public Universities.  Catholic lay leaders work to keep Catholics on campus in touch with their Catholic faith.

Administration History

1955-1957:   Director – Rev. Richard Carney

1957-1960:   Sponsor – Rev. Norbert G. Adelman, C.PP.S.

1960-1962:   Chaplain – Fr. Pau F. Bobay, C.PP.S.

1962-1966:   Chaplain – Rev. J. Leon Allred

1966-1969:   Chaplain – Fr. Luke Reichert

1969-1975:   Director – Fr. John Whiteley

1975-1978:   Director: Fr. Jim Schafer

1978-1983:   Director – Fr. John Prenger

1983-1987:   Director – Fr. Les Niemeyer

1987-1989:   Director – Fr. Les Niemeyer, Secretary – Bettie Lesczynski

1989-1993:   Director – Fr. Kevin Clohessy, Associate Campus Minister – Bettie Lescyznski

1993-1994:   Chaplain – Fr. Dave Maher, Associate Campus Minister – Bettie Lescyznski

1994-1995:   Chaplain – Fr. Don Crosby, Associate Campus Minister – Bettie Lescyznski

1996-2009:   Chaplain – Fr. Bill Kottenstette, Director – Bettie Lesczynski

2009-2015:   Chaplain – Fr. Bill Kottenstette, Director – Chris Korte

2015- 2020: Chaplain – Fr. Colin Franklin, Director – Chris Korte

2020-Present: Chaplain – Fr. Simeon Etonu, Director – Chris Korte