A community like this is a blessing of a lifetime.

The Catholic Newman Center, affectionately called “Newman”, is a place where Truman students can discover God in their lives — sometimes for the first time, sometimes for the first time in a long time. Newman is the place on campus where students  participate in vibrant liturgy with peers  who are excited about their faith and searching for more.

Far from home, we at Newman represent the care of the Catholic Church. We are the hands and feet of Christ serving these students, bringing them closer to the Lord. Though four years here at Truman will feel short, the day will come when graduates are called to respond to the world’s cry for authentic christians to spread the Joy of the Gospel. We want their time at the Newman Center to be a time of formation and foundation in Christ, and when they leave us, they go confidently forward to build the Church in leadership, service and thanksgiving.

God has a dream — to build a Church. Patiently and with great care and love, He walks with each of us, and when the time is right, He makes His presence known, calling us each by name. When we open our hearts, He fills us with loving grace that will sustain us through the college years. We here at Newman desire to create a place for that to happen, and as we’ve been blessed to provide a space for community of faith to gather, God has filled it.