We are the Catholic Newman Center at Truman State University.


In the midst of the demands of college life, its trials and temptations, the Newman Community stands rooted in Catholic tradition, teachings and liturgy — bringing together a faith family of believers who support each other and encourage one another on their walk with Christ.

A Community for Believers and Seekers

We seek to provide a place where students can remember the center of our lives: Christ. Amidst the busy demands of schoolwork and campus life, we know we’re called to more. We know that students are hungry for friendship, direction, connection, and a sense of vocation; we’re here to respond to those needs, providing the care of the Catholic Church on campus.

Every experience we have in this life changes us to a degree, and our college experience is no exception. Although the leap from high school to university can be intimidating, it can also be an exciting time of spiritual growth. Surrounding yourself with a community of friends who are uplifting, share in your values, and are seeking Christ in their own lives is helpful to your own spiritual growth.

Having this Newman community to support us and help us seek the truth is invaluable – especially with so many voices on campus pushing us in different directions. This community can serve you as solid rock of supporting, guiding you in our faith and serving as a safe place to freely share our values.

Disciples of Christ Reaching Out to Others

However, we can’t get too complacent and comfortable. Jesus calls us to love everyone, not just those who share in our faith. One way to grow during college is to learn to love more fully, more inclusively. As a community, we strive to bring the love of Christ outside the walls of our Newman Center, onto campus and into the world. Our purpose in this life is to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving wherever we are needed. Our goal, then, should be to use this community as a source of strength so that we can love and learn from all those we encounter. In this way, we can change and grow into the best possible version of ourselves.

Living with an open heart means welcoming others, getting to know those different from us, and keeping a listening ear to what God has to say to us individually. As we open our hearts to God, He fills them with forgiveness and renewed life in Him. We are all called to share this love with others, both near and far. As members of the Catholic Newman Center, we welcome all, by reaching out to them, and meeting them “where they are”.

Rooted in Tradition, Passionate in Practice

Some students here come with a strong faith background, some are searching. Some know it in their head, but are still taking it to heart. Some find themselves challenged in faith by peers on campus or classes that challenge their childhood perceptions. Some find themselves growing from a passionate faith life to a desert time. Many students are passionate about impacting the world and sharing their life, talents and time with others. This generation has a deeply rooted desire to help the world, a world that is facing so much today. All of these are opportunities for students to mature in themselves, in their relationships, and in their faith.

We all approach the altar of the Lord broken, and with hunger. For some it is for belonging, for some it is for a sense of meaning. For others, it is a sense of purpose, to have something to offer or give or share that may make a difference. Some are searching for hope, healing, growth or freedom. We come together, here at Newman, as we are, with our brokenness – and find together a God that is bigger than ourselves.

Through the Sacraments, the Holy Mass, faith sharing small groups, biblical studies, regular Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and fellowship among believers, our Newman Center is rooted in Catholic tradition, rich in liturgy and passionately faithful. Put very simply, we walk together in our Catholic faith, and grow to know and love Christ fully.