Curt Stokes

Graduation degree and year:
B.S. (Psychology, Minor Statistical Methodology), 2002

Current location:
Jefferson City, MO

Jefferson City, MO

Favorite Newman Memory:
There are lot to mention here, but meeting my future wife absolutely has to be at the top of the list.

Describe your Newman experience in five words:
Training grounds for Catholic adulting.

I can’t believe that I ___________ at Newman.
I can’t believe that I lost my favorite bike at Newman. Who steals a bike from a church parking lot, really!?

What are you up to now?
I am married to Maria Sides, a fellow Truman Newman alumna. We have three wonderful kids.
I work as a litigation attorney at the Missouri Public Service Commission, which is a lot more exciting than it sounds.

In ten years, I hope to be…
In ten years, I hope to be watching my two daughters succeed in college while preparing my son for that big step.

How does your experience at Newman impact your life today?
Without Newman, I’m not sure I would continue to be as active in the church as I am today.

What advice would you give to current Truman students?
Never stop learning or challenging yourself in your field. Don’t just stand on the shoulders of giants. Make the breakthroughs and innovations that the next generation will want to build on.

Do you have a picture to share from your time at Newman?
Had to dig through paper photos, but this is what is used to look like.

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