Dear Friends,

Last week, the Alumni Board had a call with Chris Korte and he shared some of the amazing things going on at the Newman Center this school year.  The students are truly on fire with Christ’s light!

As we begin this school year, I wanted to take a moment and invite you today to prayerfully consider one aspect of the mature Christian life — sharing of the blessings God has provided to you.  This gift, or tithe, dates back to the Old Testament:

Obviously, we no longer measure our blessings by the number of animals in our herd.  Today, we talk about this tithe as 10% of our income.  With many pressing demands on tight finances – especially new grads or not-so-new grads with families – 10% might be a goal for you to strive for one day.  Maybe today you start at 1% or 2% of your income.  Like the widow in the temple and the young boy’s gift of loaves & fishes, Jesus praises the seemingly insignificant gifts and transforms them into something much greater.  The exact amount you choose to give is between you and God.  When we give out of gratitude, the Lord lovingly accepts our gift.

The more that I work with the current ministries at Newman, I realize what a special place it was when I was a student and what a special place it is today for current students.  I know that numerous supporters – unknown to me – supported my faith formation during my years at Truman.  In my prayers, I have personally felt called to support “pay it forward” for the students today and support the ministry with a monthly gift.  Today, I invite you to prayerfully consider how the Lord is calling you to give back and invest in the spiritual growth of Newman students.

Whether it is $5 or $50 a month, your gift makes an impact.  In fact, if everyone who receives this email gave $5 a month for the year, we would raise enough money to sponsor all of Newman’s retreats for the year!  Will you support the students today with a monthly gift?  You can sign up online here with your credit/debit card or checking account.  A one-time gift is also welcome and sincerely appreciated.

The students are excited and truly honored that the alumni are here to support their collegiate faith home.  Thank you for your prayerful support of the Catholic Newman Center!


JoAnn (Jorgovan) Shull, (’07)

P.S. – Check out below for a special way to honor Fr. Bill.  If we receive enough donations, we’ll purchase a brick honoring Fr. Bill for Truman’s mall!

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Ashley Wiskirchen

Ashley Wiskirchen graduated from Truman State University in 2013, and served the Catholic Newman Center as Vice President External and Awakenings Rector, among other roles on and off the Newman Council. She now lives in Columbia, MO with her husband, Kevyn, and daughter, Cecelia. She is the founder of Wisk Creative Services LLC, a communications, marketing & design company.

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