December Alum Spotlight: Stacy (Ortmann) Roberts

M.A.E. Elementary Education, August 2006
B.A. Communication Studies, May 2005

Q: What brought you to Newman? 
A:  Being raised Catholic, I knew that I needed to find a new church family when I arrived at Truman State University. My parents and I visited the Newman Center shortly after arriving and moving my belongings into my dorm room. Bettie made me feel right at home, and I was excited about being in a place that was so warm and inviting.

Q: What is you earliest memory of Newman as an undergraduate student? 
A: I don’t know if I remember any Freshman Week activities, but I remember going to my first 7pm Sunday night mass and thinking it was so cool to go to church on Sunday night!

Q: Sum up your Newman experience in six words or fewer:  
A: Cornerstone. Youth Ministry. Awakenings. Friendships. Family.

Q: What’s the most iconic “Newman moment” you’ve ever witnessed?
A:  The most “Newman” thing I ever witnessed was as a Eucharistic Minister. I remember many nights following Sunday night mass that we needed to finish consuming the Eucharist. I remember many people commenting about being “full” from Jesus. It is still a fond memory for me!

Q: In what Newman activities did you participate?
A:  As an undergrad, I participated in Newman Council; Awakenings; participating in mass as a lector, Eucharistic Minister, greeter, and all-around fill-in where I was needed. I also participated in helping with Youth Ministry for many years as an undergrad, and I returned to Mary Immaculate as an adult to continue to help with Youth Ministry when I still lived in Missouri.


Q: Where are you now? What are you up to?
A: I am now living in Wasilla, Alaska, and I teach middle school English in Palmer, Alaska. My husband is a helicopter pilot here in Alaska, and as such, we have enjoyed many flying adventures together.

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